Osamu Shimizu

Osamu Shimizu was born in Okayama, Japan in 1947.  He became interested in plants as a young boy when he taught himself the art of bonsai.  He studied at the Koyo School of Landscape Design and was then employed for two years as a designer and manager for a large firm specializing in the design of parks in Japan.  Following this experience Osamu was employed by Sakaue Meiwaen Landscape Company where he designed historic Japanese gardens and rock gardens along with supervising installation crews.

Because of his longing to travel and study gardens and plants, Osamu went to Europe where he worked in many world famous gardens including Kew, the Royal Botanic Garden near London, the Hillier Arboretum in Romsey in England, and the Arboretum Kalmthout in Belgium.  He was also employed by some of Europe’s finest private gardens to draw master plans and assist in developing their garden designs.  These projects included the gardens of Le Vicomte de Noailles in france, Kerdalo Garden of Prince Wolkonsky in Brittany, and Le Chevre d’Or garden of Mme. Champin of Biot in France, the garden of Comte Cavazza in Bologna Italy, and the garden of Comtessa Rucellai in Pescaia Italy.  Other work experience in Europe includes a six month stay at Wisley, the Garden of the Royal Horticulture Society where he was employed to make a plan and a map of the existing rock garden.

In November of 1978 Osamu came to the United States and was married in Philadelphia.  After extensive travels Osamu and Holly settled in the Washington, DC area and Osamu started Shimizu Landscape Design.  His projects include both the design and installation of his gardens because he wants to carry through projects to his standards and with his unique designs.

His home garden has been on many garden and teaching tours including the Smithsonian,  the National Arboretum, Brookside gardens, North Carolina Arboretum, and numerous garden groups.  It has been featured on The Victory Garden television show, the Washington Post, New York Times, National Geographic, and Horticulture magazine.


Bevan Shimizu

Bevan Shimizu was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland. He grew up in a household surrounded by plants. His father, Osamu Shimizu, has been in landscape design for over 45 years. His mother, Holly Shimizu, is Director of the United States Botanical Garden located in Washington D.C. Vacations for Bevan and his sister meant visiting Botanical Gardens and private gardens around the country. In time both he and his sister began to appreciate what they had taken for granted for so long.

After receiving a degree in economics from Wake Forest University, Bevan became very interested in pursuing his father's occupation. He spent a year abroad in Japan studying Japanese gardens and learning the language. Bevan was captivated by the beauty of the architecture and style present in Japan. His greatest wish is to replicate many of the styles he found in Japan while staying true to his American roots. In the fall of 2008 Bevan studied at the National Tropical Botanic Garden and studied a variety of subjects including conservation, organic farming, restoration, and bonsai. In 2013 Bevan received a Masters degree from George Washington University for a Masters of Professionalism in Sustainable Landscape Design. Part of the curriculum includes a certificate in Sustainable Landscapes. His thesis project is currently being built and features a rain garden, cistern, and native plants.