Shimizu Landscape Design is a small company that has been providing the Washington D.C. area with beautiful landscapes for over 45 years.  My father Osamu Shimizu is the sole designer at our company and is aided by a small crew to make his designs become a reality.  We only handle a couple of projects at a time, so he is involved on a daily basis with every garden and he is there, making sure that all aspects of it are brought to life as he envisions them.  His gardens are often mixes of Eastern and Western styles that give each of his gardens individuality.  By creating distinctive arrangements that do not rely solely on flowers, Osamu's designs can be enjoyed year round.  Gifted with an eye for design, he can explain his vision for a space almost immedietely. At Shimizu Landscape Design we try to emulate nature while also keeping in mind the functionality of every garden.  I am continually amazed by my fathers ability to transform a site into a stunning garden.  Seeing him work inspired me to try and follow in his footsteps.

Bevan Shimizu